Michael Jackson Romania

I spend a lot of time with my songs. I want to make them perfect... really good. Each time I write a song, I think to myself that this has to be a Top Ten record. I have more trouble with the lyrics than the music.

Michael Jackson


michael jackson dangerous

michael jackson turnee - dangerous

Turneul "Dangerous" este cel mai mare turneu realizat vreodata de vreun artist, doborind propriile recorduri stabilite in turneul "Bad". Turneul a inclus 69 de concerte in fata a aproximativ 3.5 milioane de fani.

Michael a vandut drepturile de difuzare a concertului sau din Bucuresti concernului HBO, pentru suma de 12 milioane de lire sterline! Acesta este primul si singurul concert al lui Michael disponibil pe DVD.


  1. 01 intro [carmina burana]
  2. 02 jam
  3. 03 wanna be startin' somethin'
  4. 04 human nature
  5. 05 smooth criminal
  6. 06 i just can't stop loving you
  7. 07 she's out of my life
  8. 08 jackson 5 medley [i want you back / the love you save / i'll be there]
  9. 09 thriller
  10. 10 billie jean
  11. 11 working day and night
  12. 12 beat it
  13. 13 will you be there
  14. 14 black or white
  15. 15 interlude: we are the world
  16. 16 heal the world
  17. 17 man in the mirror
  18. 12 billie jean